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SAN DIEGO WOMAN MAGAZINE, 1985/87. Readership: 50,000. Padres Bachelors, 1985. My article featured the bachelors at the then Yuma Training Camp, including Lance McCullers, John Kruk and an exclusive interview with Steve Garvey (amidst the controversy at the time as to his marital status with Cyndy). Pink Collar Journalism, 1987. This was an article I co-wrote based on the findings of the University of Maryland, School of Journalism and their decades long study of alumni who were out in the journalistic workforce. It focused on the role women were playing in the newsroom, labeling it "Pink Collar Journalism". Their conclusions said that women were dominating the workplace, but at a price: they were willing to settle for less pay for these coveted journalistic jobs. (NOTE: San Diego Woman Magazine, in 2016, requested that I now teach their Playwriting classes).

SECOND ANNUAL EL CAJON WESTERN ART FESTIVAL, 1986. I co-wrote the literature for this art festival featuring such artists as Chuck Ren and his nationally acclaimed "Winter of '41", depicting the plight of the Crowe Indians in the mid-1800's. We also focused on my favorite western artist, the late Olaf Wieghorst, whose original painting, "Partners" (picturing a Navajo brave and his wife and baby on horseback), sold in the mid-80's to the then President Ronald Reagan for over $500,000. Mr. Wieghorst liked what we wrote about him so much he gave us a small lithograph of his latest work (he always portrayed the Navajo and painstakingly painted the muscular features of their horses: which he had studied the anatomy of these animals in order to do justice to them in his artwork).

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